• Q. Do you mix the dogs from different families?
  • A. Never, the dogs have their own indoor kennel (with their bed, water bowl and food) within an insulated building and are not mixed when exercised in the grass and gravel runs.
  • Q. Can my pet bring their own bed/toys/treats?
  • A. Yes, we think it is a good idea to bring in something that smells of home for your dog/cats first stay. If your dog has any special toys or treats (pig’s ears, rawhide bones, bonios etc) then by all means bring them in. We provide plastic or raised beds, fleeces and bowls. You can buy treats (rawhide bones, bonios and gravy bones) in the kennels reception.
  • Q. What sort of exercise do the dogs get?
  • A. The dogs get taken out to our grass and gravel runs three times a day. We like to have a fairly strict routine to the day as this keeps the dogs calmer. New dogs very soon get into the routine and our regulars just settle straight back in. If you would like your dog to get more exercise, please see the section on Playtime in the Paddock and Walks - link
  • Q. How much contact with people do the dogs get?
  • A. The dogs are taken out to our runs and back in three times a day on the lead by our staff. We don’t have a large number of staff so the dogs quickly get to know us all (and us them). Whenever we are moving around doing jobs in the kennels and cattery we talk to the animals.
  • Q. What and when do you feed?
  • A. For dogs, we have a variety of wet and dried feeds – including standard dried, hypoallergenic, puppy/junior and diet but you are welcome to bring in your own food. (We have a fridge and freezer should they be fed raw food.) We can feed them once, twice or ever three times a day and at times as close to what you do at home as possible. Similarly with the cats we offer dried, pouches or tinned (mixed flavours in jelly or gravy) or a mix of these. We sell Chudleys Classic our standard dried dog food (15kg bag) in the kennels reception – many customers now feed this at home.
  • Q. What about giving medications or if my pet becomes ill?
  • A. We can give medications as required (including insulin injections), at no extra charge – we just need details of what and when. If your pet becomes ill we normally contact your own vet first (to check if there is any relevant medical history) and if necessary will take them in. If an appointment is not available, we will take them to Larkmead Vets in Cholsey village (or call them out to us). We will, if appropriate, call you or your emergency contact for agreement to treatment etc.
  • Q. Can my bitch be boarded when she is in season?
  • A. Yes – we will make a note on her kennel front sheet and as we do not mix the dogs from different families either inside or out she will be quite safe her with us.
  • Q. What Vaccinations do you require?
  • A. Before we can accept a dog or cat for boarding, we need to see evidence of up-to-date inoculations. All pets must have been inoculated as follows:
    Dogs: Inoculations against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and the Leptospiral diseases. (Annual Booster). Inoculation against kennel cough is optional.
    Cats: Inoculations against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu (Annual Booster).
  • Q. Are the cats kept near the dogs?
  • A. No, they are on the opposite side of our site – so the cattery is calm and quiet and the cats cannot see the dogs.
  • Q. What facilities do the cats have?
  • A. The individual cattery units are enclosed in a spacious cattery building. Each unit has a raised chalet at the back, which has a thermostatically controlled heat pad in it. Access to this is by ramp and cat flap or by jumping through the door. The rest of each unit consists of an enclosed paved area with litter tray, food, water and a scratch post.
  • Q. Can we come and have a look?
  • A. Of Course. We like people to come and see our facilities and to meet us – this gives owners peace of mind and allows people to go away and relax and enjoy their holiday. Just give us a call to let us know when you would like to come. Your dog is also welcome to visit – after all, they are the one that is staying.
  • Q. Do you provide clipping/grooming services?
  • A. We do. Please see the section on Grooming

Contact Details

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Telephone: 01491 651053

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Cattery licence number 20366

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